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YouTube tips as a Marketing Tool

Owned by Google and packing the power of video, YouTube can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, especially for a small business with a limited budget. On the other hand, launching a video campaign on YouTube can also yield nothing but the sound of crickets.  Read on to find out more.

Here are his seven tips for getting a payback from YouTube from CEO of SumAll, Dane Atkinson:

  1. Don’t spend a lot on fancy video production.
  2. Don’t be sucked in by dreams of a viral video.
  3. Try to get customers to post videos involving your product.
  4. Ignore stats that don’t lead to sales or at least website visits.
  5. Don’t do traditional marketing.
  6. Know your goals.
  7. Be patient, you may need to wait 6 months to see results.

 According to the latest edition of Ad News, the latest top 10 successful YouTube campaigns were:

  1. Dove – Real Beauty Sketches
  2. Pepsi – Test Drive
  3. Air NZ – The Bear Essentials of Safety
  4. Samsung – Introducing Samsung Galazy 4
  5. Kmart – Ship My Pants
  6. Domino’s – New Chef’s Best Range
  7. Pepsi – Beyonce Mirrors
  8. Evian – Baby&Me
  9. Pure Blonde – River of Blonde
  10. H&M – David Beckman

Google Australia head of agency Lisa Bora says, “YouTube is a great litmus test of consumer engagement with creative.  On YouTube, people don’t just watch ads – they like them, comment and share them with friends.  The savviest media agencies today are taking great creative and supporting it with a clever media buy to amplify their campaigns on YouTube.  And they’re proving that this formula can work for any kind of category.”

According to YouTube in a report in February this year, “There are 48 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every second of every day around the world.” Have you looked into how to leverage this powerful and economical communication tool for your business?



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