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Australians Consuming and Participating in Sports – Statistics

Australians Consume 8.5 Hours Per Week of Sports Online

In the recent edition of Ad News, Australians were quoted as watching over 8.5 hours on average per week on a range of media devices.  One of the most interesting statistics that came out of The Global Sports Media Consumption Report 2013, was that of the 13 million sports fans in Australia, 47% of these are women.

The report went on to say that most people generally follow four to five sports, with cricket remaining the most popular, followed by tennis, rugby league and soccer.  Not only has the amount of time spent watching sport increased from 6.3% in 2012, but the range of devices used to consume sport has increased.


A second report quoted in the article stated that, “Sports fans can now get more of what they want in more ways, more of the time, which provides really exciting opportunities for right holders, publishers and brands.


Australians Participating in Sport


Whilst the above statistics were very interesting, as a keen sports person, I was interested to find out how much Australians participate in sport.  Here are some interesting statistics from the ABS 2011 figures.


Type of participation


Frequency of participation

Of the 11.7 million people who participated in sport and physical recreation in the 12 months prior to interview, more than half (52%) participated 105 times or more (i.e. on average at least two times each week).


This included the number of times spent training and practising for an activity. A larger percentage of female than male participants took part 105 times or more (55% compared with 49% respectively) (Table 4).


Comparing the top 25 most frequently participated in sports and physical activities, persons walking for exercise were more likely to participate 105 times or more (58%). This was followed by fitness and gym activities, where 40% of participants participated 105 times or more.


If your target market(s) are either/or consumers and/or participators in sports, have you considered using sports related mediums to reach them?


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