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User Experience Sells

Experience Sells

 In the new social age of communication, first we were engaging our target audience, then we were resonating and collaborating with them. In a recent article in Ad News, I was very pleased to see us getting back to basics and talking about the user experience ‘UX’, a new revolution that is emerging. 

 Author of the article James Earp articulated, “The UX revolution is being driven by users and customers are flocking to the brands, companies and services offering better experiences.  When it comes to building connections between customers and brands, differentiators such as price and quality are no longer the primary considerations.  Positive experiences are fast becoming the new measure of success.”

The innovate or die mentality still exists, and companies whose brands are designed with people’s experiences in mind are gaining market share by creating a more loyal and engaged customer.

Earp sites Apple as the best example of a well executed UX.  The company has topped the BrandZ’s top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands for the last three years.  Apple prides itself on being a UX company, even before it was in vogue. Earp said, “The idea of the iphone existed five years before it was launched, but it was Apple’s unique approach of putting the user’s needs at the centre of product strategy by designing a user-friendly, simplistic and stylish looking smartphone that have them huge market share.  Apple’s holistic experiential approach, for UX design to creative advertising and unsurpassed in-store shopping experience, cemented its fan base.”

Today the digital platform is one of the most important points of brand content and the companies realizing this are investing in the UX arena with tangible and measureable results.

 Earp sited another good example of UX development was Aussie Home Loans who improved their user experience of its online site, where opportunities for conversion were identified and capitalised.

 The whole UX phenomenon has opened up new sub categories of experiences.  We now also see CX, customer experience and BX brand experience. Much of this sounds like what we used to term ‘Corporate Image’, ‘Brand Image’ and ‘Touch Points’. The underlying theme, no matter how we name it is that we, as marketers, now have more ways to communicate with and listen to our target and potential markets (and even our competitors) then ever before.  One of the keys to business success is harnessing the new technologies and what they can achieve for your business, testing and measuring results and using these to fine tune and constantly evolve your marketing strategies.

 What positive experiences do you offer your target market(s)?