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Where Are Australian Advertising Dollars Being Spent?

 In the Nielsen Advertising Landscape Review for 2014, some interesting trends have been confirmed and summarised in a recent edition of Ad News.  Monique Perry, Head of Media Industry Group, Nielsen Australia providing some key insights that will prove useful for marketers and businesses in general.  The outtake of the results was that the ad market grew by over 7%, with no surprises that the biggest growth came in digital.

 Ms Perry said, “The overall media spend growth was boosted thanks to advertising investments associated with the Commonwealth Games and FIFA World Cup.  The Australian market continues to be dominated by the retail sector, which also continued to spend double the amount of the second biggest sector, motor vehicles.  Retail had the strongest growth in online, with the IAB/PwC report citing it now contributes 10% of all online advertising, up from 8% in 2013.”

 Some interesting figures from the nine media categories totalling $13.9 billion are outlined below:

 Whilst readers can find the top 10 advertiser groups/advertisers for each medium, I’ve highlighted the top 10 industry spenders for the Online category.

 Online – up 16.01%

The increase in $ spend is up by 118% for mobile (across display and search) and 52% for video display. Nielsen’s recently published study, Australian Connected Consumer 2015, finds that one in Australians recall seeing an online video while using a PC in the last 24 hours and one in 10 have seen a video while on their mobile phone.

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