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Ad Scheduling on Facebook Just Got Easier

Need Help with Facebook Ad Scheduling?

Facebook recently introduced an ad scheduling feature to let users choose what times of each day their ads run.


In this post we willl share some helpful information about what ad scheduling is on Facebook, where to find it and how to use it.

Below is the link for the full story by Francisco Rosales, founder and author of Social Mouths and a regular contributer to Social Media Examiner http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-ad-scheduling/  Below we provide some of the highlights from this helpful article.

About Ad Scheduling
In the past you’ve been able to specify the starting and ending dates and times for Facebook ads, but you couldn’t schedule specific times of the day to run your ads.

To prevent your ad from running all day long, you had to manually pause the campaign. With several campaigns running at once, it’s been a hassle.

Now with the new Facebook Ad Scheduling feature, you can:


Facebook ad scheduling is now part of Power Editor’s features.  Although it’s new to Facebook, this type of ad scheduling isn’t new. Google ads have been offering this feature for a few years now. If you’ve never heard of it, that may be because it’s also referred to as ‘dayparting’ —the practice of dividing the day to show your ad campaign within specific blocks of time.

 Activate Facebook Ad Scheduling

Most Facebook Ad Scheduling through Power Editor.  Ad scheduling is configured at the Ad Sets level. This is what allows you to combine times with budgets and audiences.  To find the feature, head over to the Power Editor dashboard top navigation bar and click on Ad Sets.

Ad scheduling is configured within the Ad Sets tab of Power Editor.

Because this feature isn’t available for daily budgets, you’ll need to change the budget to lifetime.

Change your budget to Lifetime. The first time you use ad scheduling, you’re taken through a quick tour.

Begin exploring this newest feature by watching the Ad Scheduling tour.

Once the tour is over, the Ad Scheduling option is activated and you can switch to the Run Ads on a Schedule option.

Switch to Run Ads on a Schedule to get started with scheduling. Below that, you’ll see a chart to select specific days of the week and times you want to serve your ad.  From here you can plan your ad schedule.

Is Ad Scheduling Right for You?

While some people are calling this feature “revolutionary” or a “game changer,” make sure you know what you are doing and use trial and error as you have in the past.

Use Facebook ad scheduling if the nature of your business means it could benefit from advertising at specific times of the day. For example:

 Will you use Facebook Ad Scheduling?  Are you reaching your target markets, and might this help?

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