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Baby Boomers Don’t Think They Are Old – Don’t Talk to Them Like They Are

Not only are Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) being neglected, when they are targeted by marketers, they are spoken to as if they were their parents and not the active, successful and happy to spend group of potentially profitable consumers. Is your business missing out on this lucrative target market?

According to a recent article by Amanda Taylor in the Marketing Magazine, there is a mismatch between the reality of the Baby Boomer audience and the perceptions held by the younger generations. “They think anyone over 50’s are set in their ways, not interested in new products and not spending time on social media – none of which is true.”

Some interesting facts from the article speaks volumes about this Baby Boomer target market. They are:

Who is serving this market well? There are some product/service categories who are talking to the Baby Boomer market in the correct voice and reaping the rewards. Fashion, Travel, Beauty and Health Insurance are examples of these.

Does your product or service offering appeal to Baby Boomers? Have you set up both digital and electronic media strategies to reach this market, and in a relevant and respectful way?

If you need help in developing a marketing activation campaign for the Baby Boomer or any other B2B or B2C markets, contact Hall of Fame Marketing Bendigo and Geelong.

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