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To Bot or Not to Bot


As Marketers, it seems there is a shiny new toy (technology) nearly every day. One of the latest is artificial intelligence (A1) and chat/messaging bots. But, just because you can automate something, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Should the customer experience not have a human touch? There have already been examples of ‘bots behaving badly’. Have the bugs in these automated systems really been ironed out?

A very interesting recent publication by TeleTech provides some thought provoking insights into where this new technology is heading and what marketers and businesses should be aware of.

What is Automation in relation to Bots?

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers opportunities to automate more customer interactions in mobile and social, at scale. Automation’s success in the customer experience arena relies on two distinct attributes – a conversational user interface (UI) and understanding.

Conversational UI – A platform to understand customer questions and give an appropriate answer. The delivery of the answer isn’t the focus, it’s the knowledgebase, data integration, connections, processes, and platforms that enable a conversation (information transfer), complete the task, and provide the right answer.

Understanding – Does the computer understand what question is being asked? Systems are moving from single words to more advanced speech recognition, sentiment analysis, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to deeper understanding of what’s being asked. Alexa and Siri are voice assistant examples of understanding in action.

Types of Customer Interaction Automation

History of Chatbot Tools

Business Impact Predictions

 Customer Expectations

Industries Successfully Using Bots

Will Call Centres Be Replaced by Bots?

Customer interactions are becoming more digitally driven and automated to enable faster, convenient, precise interactions. People want a different way to interact with the companies they do business with, and bots are one way to achieve this.

Customers don’t want call centers anymore. At least not the way they exist today. And companies continue to digitize interactions to reduce costs.

Source: Conduent, Call Center IQ, Aspect

Will Human Contact Remain?

Automation tools as they exist today are designed to complete specialised tasks. Cognitive computing, or “thinking,” is not ready for enterprise activity. It’s great stuff for science fiction, but there is little science fact.

Humans will always have a place in the customer experience environment, especially because empathy and authentic conversation will always be needed. You can’t have a relationship with a computer.

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