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Brand Health Test

What makes a brand healthy?

10 Factors Help a Brand Generate Demand and Value and Be Healthy

 In previous blogs, we have discussed the top brands in Australia as well as what makes a great brand.  In this blog, we will discuss the latest findings and thoughts as explained in a recent edition of Marketing Magazine following an interview with Lucinda Barlow, Head of Marketing of Google Australia.

 A strong brand is not a luxury to be enjoyed only by companies like Nike or Coca-Cola. It is a key factor in the success and prosperity of all businesses and non-profits, regardless of their revenues. Your brand health is guaranteed to have a significant impact on the consumer awareness of your brand AND your bottom line. It directly affects your ability to sell, to fundraise, to hire the best employees, and to grow. A healthy brand is the hallmark of a company or non-profit that is prepared to prosper.

 Brand reputation – not only is it what your brand stands for physically through its logo, colours, mark, etc, but also how it communicates and interacts with its target audiences.

 10 Factors that enable a brand to generate demand and value include:

  1. Internal clarity about the meaning and purpose of the branch
  2. An organisation’s commitment to build and support its brand
  3. An organisation’s commitment to build and protect its brand
  4. Responsiveness to market changes
  5. Authenticity of the brand
  6. Relevance of the branch to customers’ needs
  7. The degree to which the brand is clearly differentiated
  8. Consistency with which the brand is experienced
  9. Brand presence across all touch points
  10. Depth of understanding of the brand in the market place 

Your organisational vision, mission, and values are clearly and consistently articulated in all your communications, including your website, your marketing materials, and the language used by your employees. It is clearly visible in everything that anyone is exposed to internally and externally. It should have a set of visual carriers (colors, style, imagery), and it should have a clear message that tells your story and can be grasped immediately. It should be applied with absolute consistency across all platforms. Why? Brand health is something absorbed on the inside of an organisation through constant reapplication, which helps employees and agents internalize and communicate it accordingly. It is only with this kind of rigorous application that the brand’s effect is strong enough to become memorable to the outside observer. Amid all the noise and the clutter that is the essential stuff of contemporary life, only a few of the most cohesive, consistent, and carefully delivered messages can get through.

The desire for variety—”To keep it interesting”—should be resisted, because only with absolute consistency can the pattern be discerned from the outside. Subtlety of delivery is also not the hallmark of brand health because, in an insanely overcrowded marketplace, you are only afforded a moment, and if you cannot connect in that moment, all the rest is likely for naught. Of all the messages out there, you want yours to be the one that is crystal clear, immediately graspable, and repeated upon every encounter with you. Only in this way will it leave a mark. All of your organisational richness and variety can be saved for the fuller conversation you have with your proven constituents. With them you can cross sell, upsell, and resell, but you still have to reassure them about who you are and why they care about you. Remember, the brand lives in the mind of the brand consumer, and only those at the peak of brand health have the strength to push through and lodge there.

How healthy is your brand?


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