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Branding for Successful Marketing

10 Most Popular Consumer Brands in Australia

According to Nielsen ratings, the ten most trusted consumer brands in Australia for the year 2011 were:
– Arnott’s                    – Dulux
– Bonds                        – Google Australia
– Bunnings                  – Maggi
– Cadbury                   – Mortein
– Colgate                    – Nestle

Find out 10 top tips to developing a good brand, read on.

What Makes a Brand Successful?

In a highly competitive and saturated market environment, building strong brands has become an imperative need. The best way to hold customers and attract new ones is to ensure you have a unique value proposition that is both rationally and emotionally different. Business owners need to understand the strategic role that brands play in driving business growth and profitability and why they have become key assets in organisations.

 Top Ten Tips to Successful Branding

  1. What’s in a name – pick a name that is easy to pronounce, spell and remember.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Ideally, the name should say something about the product/service offering.
  4. Develop a logo that can stand alone and encapsulates your brand’s identity.
  5. Develop a marketable positioning statement in conjunction with your brand name and logo/symbol, think ‘Just Do It’ or ‘Which Bank?’.
  6. As part of your strategic and marketing planning processes, list 10 value statements about what your brand represents and review this at least annually.  Ideally get your staff involved in the initial and review processes.
  7. If you think you may want to to extend your product or service range, don’t be too specific with your brand name, keep in mind the various extensions may use – eg Hall of Fame Marketing Solutions was the first business in the Hall of Fame Business Group that now extends to Hall of Fame Conference Solutions, Hall of Fame Event Solutions and Hall of Fame Business Management Solutions.
  8. Register your brand name and logo (together with your positioning. statement if releveant) to protect it as best as possible from competitors
  9. Develop corporate guidelines for the use of your logo.
  10. Continually test in real time through social media channels how your brand is living up to its value statements and make adjustments and monitor  engagement, virality and sentiment (there are many free tools available on line to do this).


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