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Social Media Marketing

Honda Uses Pinterest to Gain Exposure In a Novel Way

Honda Capitalises on Pinterest’s Addiction

 How do marketers cut through the clutter of electronic and traditional media channels as well as the plethora of social media options across multiple screens? Read on to find out about Honda’s novel approach to capitalising on the Pinterest channel.

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What social type are you?

In a recent edition of Ad News, I was glad to see writer Paul McIntyre questioning some of our Marketing professionals’ obsession with Social Media marketing.  Yes, social media does have a place within the marketing communications mix, but it isn’t the be all and end all of marketing.

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Visual Content Takes the Throne

Content makes your business shine over the Internet. Choice of words, correct grammar and uniqueness helps you expand your readership and grow a broad network of readers.

Read on for helpful hints on how you should curate your content on line.

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What is Appropriate Content?

Who decides what is appropriate content for posts and blogs?

What is appropriate content?

What Is Appropriate Content for Blogs and Posts?

As an American and fan of the San Francisco 49ers who lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the 2013 American Grid Iron Superbowl, I felt compelled to post about leveraging major sports events as a marketing tool. In reply I had a fan comment, “The 49ers lost because they were 20 players short.” Is this an appropriate post for a business?

Read on to find out our thoughts on how to strategise for appropriate content for your blog, website and social media.

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Social Media Changes the Rewards Game

Are you engaging and rewarding your customers on line?Have you considered how to best reward your customers?  Do your customers want rewards and does it lead to loyalty? Read on to find out some tips for rewarding customers using on line platforms.

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Superbowl, Sports and Social Media Marketing

How can sports marketers leverage social media for to support their electronic media campaigns?As an American, now Aussiefied after spending more than half of my life here, I am still amazed at the growth and excitement of not only America’s biggest sporting event of the year, the Superbowl, but the buzz and anticipation around the ads that will appear throughout the broadcast.

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Social Media Usage Statistics for Australian Businesses

Is Your Business Using Social Media?  Want Some Interesting Facts About Social Media usage by Australian Businesses?

In the October edition of Marketing Magazine Australia, there were some interesting facts about businesses and brands using social media as a marketing tool.  Read on for some interesting statistics and reasons why your business should be using social media as a marketing tool.

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Should Businesses Allow Access to Social Media At Work?

In a world where social media is our connection to our friends, family, acquaintances and business contacts, as employers, should we restrict the use of social media at work? Read on to find out more, and/or vote on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/HallofFameMarketing and give us your thoughts.

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Is Social Media Supporting Your Business?

I came across an interesting article recently that discussed how, despite a great deal of publicity, the marriage of social media and support has been slow to evolve.   

Businesses have been keen to embrace social media as a marketing/brand awareness and engagement tool, but not necessarily as a support tool for their brand. 

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Social Media or Social Mania

Is Social Media Working for Your Business?

Is Social Media Working for Your Business?

I was relieved the other day to finally find someone question the state of play in the social media realm. On a recent LinkedIn update, Charlie Minato displayed a graphic of all the social media icons we marketers are now having to understand and deal with.  Whilst not readable, you get the picture.

Read on to see if you are part of the mania.

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How To Measure Your Social Media Voice

Don't miss the opportunity to track your web referral sources.

If you have a website, you will have access to google analytics.  It is free and a very informative source of information in terms of what key words people are using to find you, where they live, where they visit on your site and how long they spend on various pages.  These are just the basics. 

Are you tracking your social media voice? 

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