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How Connected Are You?

How Connected Are You – Soon the Car Will Allow You to be Even More Connected?

 The new buzz word in tech land and everyday life is ‘Connected’.  This follows on from ‘Engagement’.  How many mobile and other devices do you have?  Phone, tablet, laptop computer, desktop computer, iwatch?  And are they all connected?  It’s great if you have all of your information in the cloud and all devices can retrieve your favourite music, bookmarks for pages visited or books/print material you are reading.

 But now your car is going to allow you to be more connected as well.  We already have the technology to be legally connected so we can use our smart phones in our cars.  Our cars already have the capacity to respond to voice commands, reads emails aloud, serves drivers geo-targeted and personal advertising.

 According to a recent article in Ad News, an article Called ‘The Right Connections’ written by John Davidson, major media and tech players such as Google, Apple and Microsoft have moved into the car market and are teaming up with manufacturers to gain a foothold. 

 “Whether it’s connection to smartphones via Bluetooth or in-built systems, the race is on for in-car technology and the ability to create a ‘smart’ internet-connected vehicle,” Mr Davidson explained. Key questions raised include:

 The current test case is in a Telsa motor vehicle which is not yet available in Australia, and with a price tag of $120,000, it’s going to take a while to make it to Australia.  What is interesting is that it has wifi built in to its 17-inch dashboard screen.  This will bring entirely new opportunities for marketers for geo-targeting ads. 

 The question on everyone’s lips is what manufacturers will take up this option?  With 2017 being the end of our manufacturing era, we will be relying on overseas manufacturers to produce and sell our ‘connected cars of the future’.

 In Davidson’s article, he raises some very valid questions, “How do you say you are really invested and ingrained in the local Australian culture when you’re not manufacturing here? How do you create differentiation or appeal to those people?”

 I don’t know about you, but sometimes, it’s great to not be connected!  I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy swimming laps for fitness – I’m unconnected! But no doubt the technology will be available soon.

 Watch this space for updates in our ever more connected world from Sandy Hall, Managing Director of Hall of Fame Marketing.


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