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What is Appropriate Content?

Who decides what is appropriate content for posts and blogs?

What is appropriate content?

What Is Appropriate Content for Blogs and Posts?

As an American and fan of the San Francisco 49ers who lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the 2013 American Grid Iron Superbowl, I felt compelled to post about leveraging major sports events as a marketing tool. In reply I had a fan comment, “The 49ers lost because they were 20 players short.” Is this an appropriate post for a business?

Read on to find out our thoughts on how to strategise for appropriate content for your blog, website and social media.

Over the last few years we have heard ‘Content is King’. But what sort of content? What do we say, when do we say it and how often? In today’s digital world, we have the capacity to experiment without too much risk, as long as we listen to what is being said about us or our blogs/opinions/products/services and have strategies in place to respond or try to cultivate opinion when necessary.

In the old marketing schools, our communications had three prime functions, inform, remind and persuade. This was when our marketing was purely outbound and the only real feedback was in surveys, suggestion boxes, hotlines and/or the occasional headline. We were basically in control. With digital marketing as an integral part of our marketing mixes, we now need to engage, entertain, listen and incentivize our target audience to be part of our online communities that we build and create and spread the marketing buzz for us. And of course at the end of the day, all of this is pointless unless you are making sales. It’s no different when we used to run recall tests on TV ads and people were so entertained and engrossed in the ads, they couldn’t tell you what the ad was for or the brand being marketed.

So back to my original question, is a slightly offbeat comment that I enjoyed from a fan ok to post? In one word, yes. In this case I believe it was. And if it isn’t you out there will let me know and have your say and I will respond accordingly. That is the beauty and challenge of having an online presence. Someone needs to have their finger on the social media and digital pulse. If you are a small business owner like me, you may or may not have the time. But hopefully, like me, you are passionate about your business and industry that you are in. If so, you will be amazed at how easily you can find relevant content to share on your blog and social media channel.

I was reading in a recent edition of Ad News where a business decided to post a funny meme that was not at all related to their business and it went viral with 350,000 views in just hours. So my advice is experiment, have fun, be responsive, be respectful of others and keep your eyes and ears always open to any story, photo/video op or interesting stuff you run across that you can put your own slant on.

I diarise writing my blog so that I never forget, but after one year, I have a long list of potential topics and with our ever changing digital world, there are endless opportunities. The hardest part is the first blog, after that it gets easier and if people know you are blogging, they will offer you some interesting material as a starting point. The possibilities are endless, ENJOY!


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