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Using Facebook to Find Staff

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Social media has changed the way that companies recruit. Not too long ago businesses would have to buy an ad in the local newspaper in order to start generating a list of job applicants to screen and interview. Social media has changed that and Facebook is now one option to help the recruiting activities of your business.

With the arrival of the internet, online job boards exploded onto the scene. The Recruit Shop recently published an article about making use of Facebook as a recruitment tool. The remainder of this blog is based on their article.

The internet made the process of advertising easier than placing an ad in a paper, however came at a considerable cost and offered no guarantee of results. Furthermore, they still only allowed companies to target active job seekers who managed to navigate the board and find the ad you posted.

Now, for the first time, social media allows you to take job openings directly to the candidate, whether they are actively searching for a new job or not.

Facebook is the king of social media, and a great place to find staff for your company. Facebook can help you find staff in new ways, and help you attract better talent with a desire to work for your business. Below are some key tips on how to use Facebook to attract staff.

Brand Your Business As a Great Place to Work

Finding excellent talent is not just about posting advertisements. It’s also about getting people excited about the prospect of working for you, and Facebook profiles provide a great way to do that. This is because it allows you to brand your business as a fun place to be. Post photos of your employees, show personality, and more, and those that come across your Facebook profile will wonder if you have any job openings long before they open. These days a company’s Facebook page is often the first thing a job seeker will look for when trying to gauge what your company will be like to work for.

Advertise Job Openings to Be Easily Shared

On Facebook, not only can your followers see the job openings you post – your followers can easily share these with their friends and family that may be looking for a job, your employees can share these with their friends – people can send your job around in seconds to people that may be perfectly qualified for it, and you can get more talented applicants in no time. Keep in mind that you can also boost your job opening posts in Facebook advertising, and reach an even larger audience than just your followers.

Seek Out Local Boards

Every region of Australia now has a local, user-driven Facebook group dedicated to job hunting and vacancy filling. If you type your greater region into the Facebook search bar followed by “Jobs” (for example, “Western Melbourne Jobs“) and run a search you’ll be presented with an impressive volume of results. Now click on the field titled “Groups” on the left hand side of your search results to apply a filter which will give you the groups you are looking for. Join each group which sounds like a good fit, and post a concise advertisement. Don’t forget to include an email address or phone number!

Quality vs Quantity of Applicants

It doesn’t matter if you get 1 applicant or 1,000 applicants, or whether you advertise on traditional sources or unique ones. What matters is that you find and attract the best possible applicants to your business. With Facebook, you have the potential to attract countless applicants you may not have reached otherwise, and make them excited about applying to work for your company.


Facebook is just one of the many platforms we use to find great new employees for our clients. LinkedIn can also be a helpful tool. We will profile this platform in a separate blog. If your business or where you work is looking for help with recruitment, contact Hall of Fame Recruitment Solutions, part of the Hall of Fame Business Solutions Group incorporating Hall of Fame Marketing Bendigo..

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