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Is a Fitbit a Quick Fix?

fitbit-halloffamemarketingAs a teenager, I struggled with my weight and tried many of the quick fixes; shakes, hypnotism, calorie counting, you name it I tried it. I always kept exercising, so I was fit, but it took a long time to come up with a liveable food eating lifestyle that worked best for me. I have very low metabolism, which decreases even further with age.

There are no quick fixes to weight loss and fitness as has recently been found in the latest craze that people have adopted, FITBITS. I have friends who have tried these for a number of personal goals, mainly fitness and/or weight loss with mixed success.

But some wearers are experiencing fitness band frustration. They find that their Fitbit actually moves the scale in the wrong direction, making them pack on the kilos, as opposed to maintaining or shedding unwanted weight.

Fitness social networks and calorie-counting websites have threads asking fellow users if they’re also “gaining weight on Fitbit” and what lifestyle changes or electronic tweaks they can make so their wristbands work for them. One mother posted her excitement when she got a Fitbit for Mother’s Day, only to find she immediately gained two kilos when she started using her new fitness tracker. Confused, she wrote,“I’m more active now than ever before,” said Kerry a 24-year old teacher. She lost 17 kilos through a healthy combination of calorie restriction and moderate exercise.

But then, as dieters frequently do, Kerry found that her weight loss plateaued. “Because it tracks steps and calories, I thought a Fitbit would be perfect for me as it got harder and harder to lose weight,” she explained. “And since I was walking 20+ kilometres per day on my treadmill, it told me I could eat 2,200 to 2,400 calories a day.”

Some of the problems with relying on FITBITS as the “answer” is that weight loss is more an art than a science. While we might like to think it’s a simple calculation of calories in and calories burned, most of us have numerous, fluctuating variables in our personal weight-loss equation. This includes the kind of calories are you consuming and when, as well as how your body metabolises what you consume. Many of these factors cannot be programmed into the current FITBIT options. Everyone also has their own optimum cardio levels which can also play a role in weight loss and fitness. But, who knows what technology has in store for us in the future.

Eating well and exercising is the key, but how we each go about it to ensure a sustainable way of life, helps us get to the point that makes us happy. The marketing of FITBITS has helped launch them into the market place across a number of brands and models. Manufacturers may be able to factor in some of the ‘other’ elements mentioned above in the updated models in years to come; FITBITS 2, 3, 4 and beyond.

I hope you found this article interesting and useful. What are your healthy hints? Yours in good health, Sandy Hall, Managing Director of Hall of Fame Marketing Bendigo and Geelong.





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