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Get the Latest Stats on Smart Phones

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Get the Latest Stats on Smart Phones

In the April edition of the Australian Marketing Magazine, the latest statistics on smart phones in Australia for 2011 were divulged.  Most noteable was the 52% penetration of smartphones vs 48% of regular mobile phones.  The
break down of smart phones was iphone-38%, Android-28% and Other-34%.

More Smart Phone Statistics (in rough figures – Android v iphone)

How Australians use their smart phones in general from highest to lowest ranking:


Some more interesting stats about the rise of the use of tablets from Dan Worth of Strategy Analytics says, “Tablets running on Google’s Android operating system now account for 39 per cent of the global market as devices from firms such as Motorola, Samsung and HTC begin to erode the dominance of Apple’s iPad,  But the firm noted that despite the surge of Android devices the iPad is still the clear market leader, with a 58 per cent share globally.”

 Is Your Content Mobile Friendly?

Regardless of what type of mobile device your customers and potential customers are using to find out about your business, ensure that your information is mobile friendly.  It may mean having to develop a mobile friendly version of your current website.  If your customers can’t quickly access the information they are after, you may lose them.  Talk to your current web designers to adapt your current site or it may be a good time to revamp your web presence and look at what options your existing or other web designers can provide to ensure you are mobile ready.  If relevant, you may want to also look at developing an app specific to your business, but this doesn’t suit all businesses and can be expensive, the main goal for now should be to make your web content mobile friendly.


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