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Googling Jobs Applicants

Are your job applications being googled?

 Google searching applicants has become commonplace in the recruitment world. It’s no longer enough to send in a resume or CV. Now, as soon as your name is in hand, someone behind the scenes is going to search for your online presence and view you through the lens of what they find.

 Most applicants have no idea how to control their online presence. Most don’t even realise what kind of information is about them online, or how easy it is to find their social media pages. The vast majority of information is damaging for their hiring chances.

 What This Means for Recruiters

 This represents something very problematic for recruiters. On the one hand, the information you find isn’t going to come up in any interview and may be more informative than anything you can learn from their CV. On the other hand, there are some great potential employees that do not have a great online presence, and filtering them out simply because you found some personal information on them online isn’t fair on the applicant, or your business.  According to Saxon Marsden-Huggins of The Recruit Shop, here are some helpful tips on how to use google searches of applicants to help, but not determine, the suitability of a particular applicant.

 How to Remedy This Problem

 For these reasons, it may be in your best interests to develop a system for Googling. Namely, a method to ensure you don’t allow your personal bias towards the information you find to change the way you see an applicant too much, if other documents and histories submitted make them a good candidate.

 You should strongly consider rethinking the way that you judge applicants (or how you, as an applicant may be judged) based on their/your online information, and the above tips should make it a bit easier for you to avoid unfairly judging applicants or being unfairly judged.  If you need assistance with recruiting the right staff for your business in Bendigo and/or Central Victoria, contact Hall of Fame Marketing Bendigo, part of the Hall of Fame Business Solutions Group.



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