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AdBlockingHallofFameMarketingOne of my best sources of keeping up to date is through one of the regular publications I read, AD NEWS. In the digital space, there has been a lot of talk and conjecture about the morality and functionality of ad blocking. I found this interesting article in AD NEWS about this ‘hot topic’.

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Staff After Hours Activities – Should You Be Worried?

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The moment you hire an employee, they become a representative of your company. They are your company’s brand, your company’s vault, and your company’s asset. You don’t control their lives, but in many ways they control yours. This is because your company’s success can live or die on their behaviors both inside and outside of the workplace.

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Using Facebook to Find Staff

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Social media has changed the way that companies recruit. Not too long ago businesses would have to buy an ad in the local newspaper in order to start generating a list of job applicants to screen and interview. Social media has changed that and Facebook is now one option to help the recruiting activities of your business.

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10 Helpful Tips When Writing or Proofreading

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As a lecturer, writer, blogger and proofreader, I often have heated discussions about proper ‘grammar’ rules with my colleagues.

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Craft Beer Endangering Iconic Brand

HallofFameMarketingBendigoCraftBeerDespite being a nation of beer drinkers, Australia is putting down its iconic ales and choosing the more niche market craft beers. And the ‘big brands’ are taking note and launching their own ‘craft beers’. Using information from a recent article in Ad News written by Sarah Homewood, we look at how some Australian brands have addressed this trend.

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Is Uber a Good Example of Smart Technology Innovation?

UberUber is an American international transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to sharing economy drivers.


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Instructional Videos to Help Boost Search

BondVidShotIf you are a business that has a product or service that can help customers by showing them how to do something useful that is related to your product or service, an instructional video embedded on your website, hosted on YouTube and promoted on your social media channels can not only boost your credibility, but also in your Google search rankings.

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How NOT to Conduct an Interview

Resumes and Cover Letters are important. But it’s at the interviews where most companies will make a decision on who to hire. An applicant has the opportunity to make or break their candidacy at the interview, and an employer has to decide after the interview who should fill the position.  Some tips from Recruit Shop in a recent article provide some helpful ‘What not to do’ points.

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Where Are Australian Advertising Dollars Being Spent?

 In the Nielsen Advertising Landscape Review for 2014, some interesting trends have been confirmed and summarised in a recent edition of Ad News.  Monique Perry, Head of Media Industry Group, Nielsen Australia providing some key insights that will prove useful for marketers and businesses in general.  The outtake of the results was that the ad market grew by over 7%, with no surprises that the biggest growth came in digital.

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Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

If you are a small business with a website that isn’t mobile optimised or responsive, now is the time to get it fixed.

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Successful and Happy Working Career Mums – Can it be done?

According to a recent article by Lucille Keen, a reporter for AFR Weekend, one in five working mums lost their job before or after having a baby and more than a quarter of fathers are discriminated against for taking parental leave. A report has found half of Australia’s working mothers report discrimination during pregnancy, parental leave or when returning to work, according to an Australian Human Rights Commission report.

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Selfie Stick Or Not?

Should Selfie Sticks Be Banned?

Have you been exposed to the ‘selfie stick’, or even purchased/used one?  This is a device that extends the reach of the camera to twice arm’s length (one arm, one stick, end to end) so the selfie can capture a wider picture.

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Apple Watch Vs Moto 360

If you are like me, you get excited by the latest technology and gadgets. Do we need another device to sinc, charge, monitor and maintain?  Probably not, but it is an exciting and fun time to be alive. 

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Googling Jobs Applicants

Are your job applications being googled?

 Google searching applicants has become commonplace in the recruitment world. It’s no longer enough to send in a resume or CV. Now, as soon as your name is in hand, someone behind the scenes is going to search for your online presence and view you through the lens of what they find.

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Lego Movie Helps Build Brand

In a recent article in Customer Edge written by Kylie Wakefiled, and shared in Marketing Magazine, some very interesting insights were shared as to how an iconic brand has embraced new technologies and marketing strategies to build their brand.  The Lego Movie and branded content within provided the perfect Launchpad.

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How does your marketing compare here and abroad?

How is your company spending marketing dollars in 2015?How Do Australian Businesses Compare Globally for Projected Marketing Spend in 2015?

 In a recent article by Michelle Herbison, she summarises results from Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing report whereby 5,000 marketers across the globe, including 252 Australians, were surveyed.

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Did you take a technology break in the holidays?


Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had quality time with your family and loved ones and even had some time for yourself.  Are you recharged and are ready to face another year of challenges and successes?  It appears that like me, many of you not only took a holiday from work, but also your technology. 

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Where and When Are Australians Consuming Technology?

In a story in the most recent edition of Ad News, Rosie Baker quotes from the first data report from IAB Nielsen cross-platform measurement panel. Results of the report show Facebook comes out a clear winner. It stated that one in every three minutes spent on mobile are spent with Facebook’s platforms, including WhatsApp and Instagram.  According to Ms Baker, “The IAB has spent the bulk of this year looking at how to best measure cross-platform usage with the first reports due out in July 2015.”

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Colour Your Summer Destroy Your Brand?

Earlier this month, iconic brand Coca Cola tempted fate yet again as it made another attempt to change the colour of their Coke cans in an effort to attract a younger market. And they are rightly trying to reach that market through digital instead of mainstream advertising.

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How Connected Are You?

How Connected Are You – Soon the Car Will Allow You to be Even More Connected?

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Ad Scheduling on Facebook Just Got Easier

Need Help with Facebook Ad Scheduling?

Facebook recently introduced an ad scheduling feature to let users choose what times of each day their ads run.

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Like-Gating on Facebook Ends Soon

What tactics are you using to grow your Facebook Page?

Is like-gating a key part of your Facebook marketing? Facebook announced they’ll ban like-gating in November. An end to like-gating doesn’t have to be the end of the world–or your Facebook marketing.

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The Tipping Point of Mobile Marketing Opportunities

We all know mobile advertising is growing, but by how much?  Where are budgets for mobile advertising coming from?  And what defines success?

 Marketers face these questions daily as they decide to move ad dollars into the mobile medium.  Mobile brand advertising is growing at a much faster rate than the online medium did in its early days, but what do you need to know to stay ahead of the growth?

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Recent Online Australian Surfing Statistics

A recent edition of Nielsen’s Online Landscape Review saw Australians spend 39 hours online over 64 sessions for one month, with nearly 41 billion minutes spent online with 33 billion pages viewed.

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Ten Most Influential Brands in Australia

The Ten Most Influential Brands In Australia

How brands are rated and how they influence our behaviour and interact with us has changed dramatically with the rise of social media and a range of communication technologies.  Brands not only entertain us, but they become part of our every day lives for those that we chose to let in.  Gone are the days where brands are rated purely on sales/profits/recall and a whole host of other measures that seem so archaic in today’s connected world.

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