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Honda Uses Pinterest to Gain Exposure In a Novel Way

Honda Capitalises on Pinterest’s Addiction

 How do marketers cut through the clutter of electronic and traditional media channels as well as the plethora of social media options across multiple screens? Read on to find out about Honda’s novel approach to capitalising on the Pinterest channel.

 I came across a very interesting example of innovation and adapting to a particular medium or trend.  Honda’s ‘Pintermission’ campaign drew much attention and was a resounding success.  Pinterest is so much a visual medium and very relevant for many market segments, but Honda used this social channel in a very novel way. Honda understood that many people were spending large amounts of time on Pinterest, to the point of developing a ‘pinning habit’, and that formed the insight needed to launch its campaign.

 Honda’s new CR-V has a ‘get out and live life’ brand personality.  The target audience for the CR-V comprises young people on the verge of reaching one of life’s big milestones such as getting married and having children.  The group have predominately grown up with social media and are now planning all of their big adventures online.  Many of them are using Pinterest.

 Honda began its campaign by simply identifying Pinterest users with high follower counts and connecting with them.  Honda then offered users to take a challenge – a 24-hour break from Pinterest, and Honda would give them $500 each to spend on making one of their pinned images come to life.  Honda called it a #pintermission.

 Honda set up individual boards within its profile and uploaded personalised images.  Honda allowed users it had contacted permission to add image content to these walls, so they could upload their photos once their ‘pintermission’ challenge was complete.  Honda also asked the same targeted users to create their own ‘pintermission’ titled boards and make Honda a collaborator.  The tactic gave Honda exposure to many more followers and a much broader reach. 

 Honda also created promotional posters that were easily shareable through Pinterest.  Over 4.6 million individuals were exposed to the #Pinterest boards and the campaign gathered more than 5000 repins and almost 2000 likes, with more than 16 million media impressions were garnered from the campaign. 

 Did they sell more cars?  What were the objectives of the campaign?  These questions need to be answered in order to ascertain the campaign’s success.  But one thing is clear, we, as marketers, need to look for innovative ideas with evolving technology and an ever-growing range of communication channels and mediums.

 To get a feel for some of the pins used for this campaign, visit Honda’s Pinterest account – pinterest.com/honda





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