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Instructional Videos to Help Boost Search

BondVidShotIf you are a business that has a product or service that can help customers by showing them how to do something useful that is related to your product or service, an instructional video embedded on your website, hosted on YouTube and promoted on your social media channels can not only boost your credibility, but also in your Google search rankings.

Is the topic I am recording interesting enough that people will be willing to watch? If the beginning of your video is boring, people will refuse to waste five minutes watching the rest of it, since it’s most likely boring?

Before you start recording, think about what you would like your video to be about. It doesn’t have to be anything fantastically special, but something cool and interesting enough to intrigue YouTube surfers. Ask yourself these questions, and write down the answers if you like so you know what you’re going to do.

Next, make sure everything is set up and ready to go before you start recording. You don’t want to be in the middle of the video when you realise something is not in place!

Equipment recommended for recording.

Whilst you can use your phone and some digital cameras that have a video recording function, the sound quality does suffer. If you think you are going to be doing more than one video or videos with a lot of speaking, a good idea is to buy a digital video camera. They are quite cheap these days and provide amazing quality.

We used a canon Legra HFR506 to produce our first video for a client that is an Orthodontic Practice. We used a tripod, but the audio quality was not as good as we liked, so we have purchased a wireless microphone which we will use on subsequent videos. We have learned from this experience and will have a smoother start, better sound quality and a more creative finish in videos to come. We think we may also add a blooper section just for fun.

Editing the video ready for YouTube and your website.

There is a range of editing software available. As we use Macs at Hall of Fame Marketing Bendigo, we were able to digitally cut, transition and add a sound track using imovie which is standard with most newer mac machines.

We purchased a backing soundtrack and added it to the vision, turning down the volume in the speaking parts of the video. After easily setting up our YouTube account (just google this for easy to follow how to videos), here is the end result https://www.youtu.be8nmpnM3uQ7A

Without promoting the video other than to add a status update to our Facebook page, we had enormous success with views. And whilst the video is helpful to patients, it helps give Bee Happy Orthodontics credibility and traction in their Google rankings.

If you want help producing a video for your business or any marketing or communication function, contact Hall of Fame Marketing Bendigo.


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