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iwatch is coming!

As an Apple tech lover from the first generation computers that were made in my home town of Cupertino, California and owner of all the new technology, I am excited about rumours that Apple is planning to unveil a wrist-worn accessory, dubbed the “iWatch,” later this year. The device is expected to connect to the iPhone and will measure fitness and health information from the wearer.

 While he declined to refer to the device as a watch, Re/code’s John Paczkowski disclosed the information on a cryptic “wearable device” on Friday, citing people familiar with Apple’s plans. Those sources reportedly said that Apple’s wearable device will capitalise on the new HealthKit tools for developers that Apple will include in the forthcoming iOS 8 mobile operating system.

 Some features:

 The timing corroborates with what Nikkei reported last Friday, although the newspaper went as far as to say the device Apple is planning to debut is a so-called “iWatch.” That report also claimed that the device will sport a flexible OLED touchscreen, and that Apple is planning to build between 3 million and 5 million units per month.

 Speculation has been mounting for years that Apple may soon enter the growing wearable devices market with its own smart wrist watch. Anticipation of such a device has been bolstered by a number of patents and investments by Apple in recent years.

 The anticipated “iWatch” is expected to focus on health and fitness for users, going beyond simple step counting to measure biometrics data from a user’s wrist. Those claims have been supported by a number of hires made by Apple in the fitness and medicine fields, as well as fashion-related hires that may signal an interest in visually appealing wearable devices.

Will this new device have more sticky acceptance than google glass?  Will apple move into a whole range of wearable communications technology?  Will there be added functionality in terms of communication? Will we be able to ‘design’ our own look and regularly change it? What a great time to be alive as we become more connected than ever.

As marketers, we have to continually follow the next shiny new toy and find ways we can capitalise on these innovative communication technologies that are relevant, and add value to, our target markets.


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