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What Is the Latest in Jobs in Marketing In Australia?

Stand out Marketing Job ApplicationsWith the New Year upon us, many have been, or will be thinking of what would be their ideal marketing job.  Whilst it is great to specialise in a particular marketing discipline, my advice would be to try and get as much experience in a number of disciplines as possible.  Read on to find out the latest statistics and some advice on how to have your job application stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Jobs in Australia – Seek movement index October 2012 YOY


 These stats are from Marketing Magazine December/January 2013 edition, page 64.

What Does This Tell Us?

Whilst there is a slight overall increase in marketing jobs on offer, there are more and more people applying for these jobs.  So what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

How To Get Your Job Application Noticed

Apply for jobs before they are advertised.
Find vacancies that are not yet publicised and then apply for them before anyone else. Seek out these positions by sending out speculative letters to the HR departments of potential employers where you would like to work.

Read the job advert carefully. By reading the job description you can pick out key requirements that the recruiter is looking for in applicants. Once you’ve done this then rewrite your CV and maybe a covering letter and place special emphasis on matching your abilities to the job description or KPI’s. You can do this by either highlighting specific related keywords or providing key references in the cover letter.

Write a different CV for each job you apply for. Do not send the same CV to every employer, this is what most applicants do. Address the specific issues and needs that the employer is looking for. Mention their products or services and also highlight what their competitors are doing or any recent news stories about them. Hiring managers will be impressed that you have written something especially for them.

Writing your CV
in a creative/eye catching style that isn’t too long. Start with a strong personal profile that lists your best and most relevant abilities. Write short and concise sentences and make sure each one addresses an issue. Use industry jargon and buzz words. Sell yourself to the company’s needs, show how you can benefit the company in practical ways. Keep the key points to two pages, and if there is more you want to share, have at the end if the HR person wants more information. Don’t make the CV too cluttered with words, images or colours.


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