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Leisure Time Spent Online

Leisure Time Spent Online by Australians each week is up by 9%.

According to Marketing Magazine Australia, March 2012 edition, pg 14, there was a 9% increase in leisure time spent online.  60% of these were people over 35 and 40% were under 35.

Share of internet use by activity year on year (hours per week):

 If you are a local business and don’t think you need to be online, think again.  At the very least, your business should have a website presence.  This doesn’t have to be an expensive ‘flash’-based piece of art.  It needs to be easy to find and navigate with clear segmented pages by product/service with contact and purchase points as relevant to your business.

Historically, many businesses set up a website and sent a regular (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc) pdf attachment updates to their emailing list.  Whilst communicating with your target market is important, the trend now is to provide an eNewsletter which is brief with graphics/photos and teaser summaries of stories that readers can then find via a link to a website or even Facebook page. 

This allows the reader to quickly scan and read what is relevant to them.

 And as much as many have resisted, more and more of your customers and potential customers want to be social.  For those that do, you need to provide some entertainment/information to keep them interested.  By creating compelling and useful content and allowing your target market to have a say (engage with you) they help make user generated content (UGC) and advocacy which carries more weight than ‘blowing your own horn’.

And by being social and having people talking about your brand/products/services on a range of different online and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Google+, etc), you help the ‘King’ of search engines Google, (and the other search engines) find you online where more and more people of all ages are spending more and more of their time.

 Sandy Hall – Managing Director – Hall of Fame Marketing


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