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How does your marketing compare here and abroad?

How is your company spending marketing dollars in 2015?How Do Australian Businesses Compare Globally for Projected Marketing Spend in 2015?

 In a recent article by Michelle Herbison, she summarises results from Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing report whereby 5,000 marketers across the globe, including 252 Australians, were surveyed.

 She found that in the report, marketing budgets are on the increase globally, with 84% of marketers planning to increase or maintain spend in 2015. But in Australia, budget constraints are top on the list of pressing issues.

 The number of Australian marketers planning to maintain or increase their budgets in 2015 was about average (85%). Canada and Brazil had the highest percentage (both 96%) out of the countries surveyed, while the US had the lowest (80%).

 In Australia, respondents named their top five areas for increased spending as:

1. Mobile applications (70%),

2. social media advertising (70%),

3. social media listening (68%),

4. social media engagement (68%), and

5. social media marketing (68%).

 Salesforce noted that all top five areas for increased spend related to social and mobile, compared with a scattered mix of priority areas last year.

 The most pressing issues for marketers in Australia differed from the global list, with budgetary constraints coming in at number one.

 Top three most pressing issues in Australia:

1. Budgetary constraints,

2. new business development, and

3. building deep customer relationships.

 Top three most pressing issues globally:

1. New business development,

2. quality of leads, and

3. remaining up to date with current marketing technology and trends.

 Social media

The number of marketers who consider social media as “a critical enabler of products and services” has risen to 64%, up from 25% last year.  Globally, 70% of marketers plan to increase spending on social media advertising.


Salesforce recommends that mobile integration be a key focus in 2015. “Marketers who have integrated mobile report all other marketing technologies and marketing channels as more effective,” the company says.


 On the topic of email, Salesforce again stressed the importance of mobile integration. This year, 24% of marketers said they used responsive design rarely or never (down from 42% in 2014). “Small-screen friendliness must become part of every visual element in your marketing strategy,” the company said.

 How does your business’s or work place’s marketing plans for 2015 match up to the Australian and International average?  Stay tuned for more updates from Hall of Fame Marketing Bendigo.


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