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Marketing and Generation Gaps in Australia

What are the relevant purchasing differences in Baby Boomers vs Seniors? 

There are many stereotypes and assumptions about Australia’s older generations.  The most recent edition of Marketing Magazine looked at the cold, hard facts about life, love and attitudes of those born before 1960.  Boomers were born 1949 to 1964 (depending on who you ask).  Seniors were born before 1949.

Where do they live:


Marital Status:

Home Ownership;

 Dog or Cat:

 Internet usage per week:

 Average Savings:

Top Ten Activities:

 No real surprises, but was interested in the average savings and question what that figure is made up of (eg super, investments, or just savings).  Clearly if your target market are older, you will need to use more traditional advertising instead of digital to reach them.  Boomers are gamblers, how can we build that into our marketing? Games, competitions, social media?  It will be interesting to watch these categories over time.



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