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Five Marketing Insights

Five Helpful Marketing Insights for Australian Companies

 In a recent edition of Marketing Magazine, I came across some interesting insights in a recent poll of a range of Australian companies.  I hope you find these as interesting as I did.

Insight One

Which social media is your brand currently active on?

I was surprised, I thought more companies were utilising Facebook opportunities.  A break down of B2B vs B2C would’ve been enlightening.

Insight Two

How have your company’s marketing/sales functions changed in the last five years?

I believe marketers now have to be very multi talented in terms of being tech savvy, able to sell/negotiate, digitally aware and hands on.  The role has, and will continue to change/evolve in the next five years.

Insight Three

What works better in advertising?

I would like to add integrity, empathy, comic relief – but this clearly depends on the target market and the product/service being marketed.

Insight Four

How much of our organisation’s marketing budget goes toward tech systems such as CRM, marketing automation, insights engines?

The percentages will definitely increase over the next five years, double even as we rely more and more on analytics and ‘Big Data’.

Insight Five

Does your company have a presence in China?

I wonder what the stats would have been if the question was ‘Asia’ and not just ‘China’.  Again, this will grow exponentially, especially with the NBN.











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