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#selfietimeout (ne holiday)

In this day and age of always being ‘connected’ and ‘engaged’, how do we take time out for ourselves? How do we recharge? Turn off? Relax?

 I’m sure many of you are like me. On any given day/night, any time, anywhere, I have my iPhone and iPad, whilst sometimes I will also have my laptop, connected. I get emails on all if these devices and have social media set up, both for my clients and my self. Yes, I can schedule automation, but can I ideally ever get away, be free? My favourite activity when I’m not on holidays to escape is to swim laps, and yes I do this year round. No phone, iPad or computer, I’m free, although I saw someone at the pool recently with earphones on. I won’t be doing that when the iPhone or future device becomes submergible. Sometimes clients ring when I take a running break during the day. Heavy breathing and client service, hmmmm. Usually my clients are amused. They all know me so well and are not surprised or offended, I just call it multi-tasking.

 The fear of being disconnected and missing out (FOMO) is astounding. This is especially true when you are on holidays and have time to take more notice of what your friends are doing or research your next purchase or holiday on line.

If you are self-employed with few or no staff, the challenge is even greater.  I am on holidays as I compose this latest blog. I am catching up on all of my digital publications that I read and find I am enjoying the reading much more. I was amazed that my lovely Assistant did not contact me at all during my short break. We had a pretty extensive briefing session before I left and I have some great suppliers willing to help out.  I also gave my customers four weeks notice of my intended time away, which did prompt some chaotic activity right up until my departure, but it is possible. I also said that I would be available for an emergency. Sometimes it works, and other times it doesn’t. And if a client who knows you are away asks you to do something that you know isn’t urgent, say ‘I will be happy to look after this when I return.” This trip is the first time I have ever done this, said “no” nicely.

In the marketing of services in Bendigo, or any regional area, it makes sense to take time off when my clients do; December/January. But this is when everyone else is on holidays and is the most expensive time to travel. And as a beach lover, and one who hates the cold, Europe/North America in December/January just isn’t an option.

 But regardless of what you do and when you can get time off, take a time out to do the things you love, relax and reflect, and simply give yourself a break. And yes, this gets easier as your family gets older. To you parents out there thinking “that’s not going to happen for a long time,” do enjoy those family holidays so you have those memories. And then you can build your own holiday memories with your partner/loved ones and other family.

 Back to the grind soon, but I love what I do and have recharged enough to get me to Christmas. (And yes I did keep track of my emails and the ones my Assistant couldn’t action just so I know I am not going back to hundreds of unopened emails – a good few hours well spent to avoid post holiday stress). I am recharged and ready. Sandy Hall



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