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Smartphone Shopping Is On The Rise

In a recent edition of Marketing Magazine, the latest statistics on the use of smartphones by Australians for shopping has reached a whopping 30%.

 Shoppers use their smartphone 82% of the time for checking prices, 65% of the time for checking product information and 34% of the time for ideas of what to buy.

 Read on for more interesting statistics and use of smartphones for shopping.

What type of products/services are smartphones being used for shopping?

How Australians use their smartphones in general from highest to lowest ranking:


Do you have the confidence to let your shoppers compare in-store?

Over the last year, Target has attempted to fight back against shoppers that use mobile phones for price matching and research by asking manufacturers to create Target-specific products. These products use stock-keeping units (SKUs) that are unique to Target and typically don’t pop up during research when a customer is investigating online. It also halts smartphone owners from simply scanning a barcode to comparison shop through applications.

 As mentioned in a recent Wall Street Journal article, Target and other big-box retailers have previously voiced frustration about customers using retailer locations to view a product in-person, otherwise known as “showrooming”, and returning home to purchase the product online through a less expensive retailer like Amazon. In a recent letter to vendors, Target executives are requesting more exclusive products as well as more competitive prices. In addition, Target dropped hints about a subscription service for regularly purchased merchandise likely identical to Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” service. Online sales continue to grow while physical retailers are still struggling to show any growth.

 Will you embrace the trend and have a mobile friendly website and the information shoppers want so they can make a purchase of your products or services either in store or on line?



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