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Social Media Changes the Rewards Game

Are you engaging and rewarding your customers on line?Have you considered how to best reward your customers?  Do your customers want rewards and does it lead to loyalty? Read on to find out some tips for rewarding customers using on line platforms.

How Social Media Has Changed the Rewards Game

It’s easy to see that social media and other digital technologies are making a huge difference in the way brands interact with customers and how customers perceive a brand’s image.

With so many new business owners testing the waters of social media, it can be easy to forget what our focus should be.

Social media is another great way to drive traffic to your website, people into your stores, and ultimately, money into your bank account. One of the best ways to grow your customer base is to reward them.

Social media and online communities are the perfect playing fields for a customer rewards scheme, and can offer new possibilities to business owners in any industry.

Here are some ways to entice rewards programs on line.

1.    Check in or post a photo/video to win collectable tokens, stamps, etc for a chance to win an even bigger prize. The more possible ways a customer can interact with your products, services or staff, social media or website, the more opportunities you have for developing an engaging, collectible reward system.

2.    Digital discounts: Online-only offers. This can be through your own social media profile pages or you can use a group buying scheme like Groupon.  You can choose what you want to offer, the discount you want to give and how long you want the deal to last. You may want to offer coupons or QR codes or for a discount in your physical store, which users can print from your website.  This will drive traffic to your site and sales to your store. Or you could offer regular discounts or special offers to your email subscriber list. This will encourage new customers to sign up, and give you a bigger and more receptive customer base to send news and information to.

3.    Content-creation competitions.  Competitions are another tried-and-true way of engaging new customers and rewarding existing consumers. While giving away free prizes can be a great way to reward your customers, content-creation competitions have recently become a popular way for brands to use social media and digital technology to involve consumers, while achieving free publicity.  See our last blog about the American Superbowl to see how iconic multinationals brands are leveraging content creation blending electronic and digital communication solutions.  Make sure to know and follow the rules in any competition you run.

4.    Collecting survey data or ideas for a chance to win a prize.  Any size business can now find out their customers’ preferences and beliefs and test market a whole range of collateral, from product and service offerings to ads and promotional concepts online.  Offer a reward for customers who use your product and who participate in this form of data collection.

5.    Say thank you.  Often the most simple way to reward customers and even staff is to make them feel appreciated.  Don’t overkill with irrelevant communication, but do thank them when it is appropriate to do so and don’t add on a hard sell or any strings attached.  Doing this on line is so simple.  Thank you for your order.  Thank you for your feedback.  Thank you for entering our competition.

6.    Random rewards – Whilst this one isn’t necessarily an exclusively online reward, I was recently upgraded to first class for a business trip by my travel agent as a thank you for 20 years of patronage and loyalty.  If you are able to reward your better customers without major expense to you, then take this opportunity as well.  And don’t forget, remembering special occasions such as birthdays, milestones, Christmas, etc is a nice time to make your customers feel special without a ‘sell’.

Moral of the story – appreciate your loyal customers and reward them in a way that you can make money and build your business and success through engagement and word of mouth both on and off line.  Above all, make sure that your rewards are meaningful to your target audience.



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