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Social Media or Social Mania

Is Social Media Working for Your Business?

Is Social Media Working for Your Business?

I was relieved the other day to finally find someone question the state of play in the social media realm. On a recent LinkedIn update, Charlie Minato displayed a graphic of all the social media icons we marketers are now having to understand and deal with.  Whilst not readable, you get the picture.

Read on to see if you are part of the mania.

As an educated marketer with over 25 years experience in the industry as well as a sessional Lecturer at LaTrobe University for 23 years, where are we all heading?  If you believe everything you read, at a minimum, you must be on Twitter and Facebook with a business profile and LinkedIn with a personal profile.  You then should open your own YouTube channel, share your presentations on SlideShare and now we need to have Boards on Pinterest.

Now, if you are like me a typical SME owner of Hall of Fame Marketing Bendigo, you have the average number of Twitter followers and people/businesses you follow, have developed a Facebook fan base, have liked other businesses that you think can help you network and gain business and have made some valuable connections on LinkedIn (not to mention any other social media channels).  Like me, you have been advised to Tweet, Post, Status Update, PIN at least daily with some experts saying that more is better (I have read up to 10 of these each day on each channel).  How much crap and duplicated content do we have to then search through to try and keep up?

It’s not bad enough having to try and develop unique, engaging and compelling content, but we then have to sort through all the muck and people/companies trying to sell you their expertise in these areas.  When do we have time to actually look at appropriate marketing strategies and get some work done so we can earn a living?

Have we missed the point of all of this?  Have we all gone mad and just joined in on the ride because everyone else is?  I’ve been advised to just find interesting content of other people and share that without even my own thoughts other than to say, “Read this, I thought it was interesting”.  Why is this interesting?  I’ve seen so many tweets, posts, status update that no one even comments on and that are a direct feed from someone else.

Whilst there is merit in all of the social media phenomenon, I have been approached by so many companies who say I should outsource all of this overseas.  Am I not the spokesperson for my company? 

I understand that much of this activity is to outdo your competition to assist in google seach rankings (and SEO) and solidify your Company’s expertise in your key product/service areas, but where will it all end?  And just when you think you have the hang of it, google changes its algorithm and we start over for better search results or a new social media platform pops up, or there are more changes to google plus and google places to get your head around.

I was inspired to write this rant when reading an article on the run on my ipad, just after I saw this LinkedIn Visual on an update.  Someone on LinkedIn also had the guts the mention the ‘B’ word, ‘BUBBLE’.  Is there a social media bubble about to burst like the dot com bubble we saw in the mid to late 1990’s?  Is the less than expected success of the Facebook IPO the start?

I am not a doom and gloom kind of person, but I ask that you step back and take a good look at what you are doing in your business and why with your overall marketing strategy and make sure you are measuring and monitoring all aspects of marketing strategy and don’t think that being social is the answer, it’s a growing part of the overall communications mix, don’t forget the basics.  And there specialist companies out there that can assist.


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