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What social type are you?

In a recent edition of Ad News, I was glad to see writer Paul McIntyre questioning some of our Marketing professionals’ obsession with Social Media marketing.  Yes, social media does have a place within the marketing communications mix, but it isn’t the be all and end all of marketing.

Paul stated that in the three months through May this year, 2.3% of all Australians that are on Twitter actually tweeted.  This was evidence of research conducted by Shareablee.  So much for engagement on Twitter.   

Other interesting facts in Paul’s article demonstrate the behavior of ‘Ad People’ vs ‘Normal People’.  I chuckled at this terminology, but was interested in the following:


So, what does this mean?  We are perpetuating our own industry.  Marketing publications for years have asked ‘Ad People’ how many twitter followers they have, how many Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections?  Whilst I couldn’t find any specific Australian Statistics on ‘Ad People’ vs ‘Normal People’, I remember aspiring to our industry leaders who had 300+ connections on LinkedIn and 25+ followers on Twitter.  Facebook was more of a personal sharing medium and I didn’t take too much stock of those figures, but I did take note of a wanting to build a healthy Facebook community for my business.


So I have met the ‘Ad People’ averages, but what has it meant for me and my business?  Over a 12-month period, I set up a new digital web presence that was linked to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.  I wrote a blog like this one and posted it every two weeks.  I set this up to show my clients what to do and how to do it, and not necessarily to gain new business. 


Within six months, I was ranking number one organically on google for the terms relating to ‘Marketing Bendigo’ and started a waiting list.  I post blogs fortnightly and link them to social media posts and get quite a bit of traction from them.  But, most importantly, I am getting business leads and am able to convert them. I have a waiting list of clients up to three months, unheard of, but a great place to be.


So I am an advocate of a well-managed overall digital and social media presence as long is it is relevant, sustainable and achieving what ever the objectives were in the first place.  For me, I can show small businesses how to set up and manage a digital presence as part of their overall marketing strategy, and I have gained some great new clients, BONUS!


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