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Starter Kit For Setting Up a Digital Presence To Boost Google Search Rankings

In today’s world of digital, a whole new set of communication mediums has opened up to businesses to get their name out to their target markets.

But just setting up a website or having a social media presence is not enough.  In Australia, it is paramount the businesses produce organic (not paid) activity/content that is rewarded by google in terms of ranking, and getting your business on page one when customers/potential customers search for key words relating to your business.

 When a new business starts, or one is rebranded or relaunched, activity on the internet in a number of ways, continual over time, will be rewarded by google.  This takes time for google to recognise as it regularly ‘crawls’ the web looking for credible activity including stories, blogs, posts, photos and videos.

 Activities that assist in google searches include:

 If a business has been rebranded or taken over by a new owner, the old content will continue to appear in google searches until there is enough new activity that will go to the top of search pages (ideally to page 1).  The old website should be redirected to the new one.  The old content (stories, link, etc) slowly moves down the pages in google searches and eventually disappears into the nether regions of key word searches (eg page 5 onwards).

 *Facebook – if there are two Facebook pages for the same business, if one is inactive, it will not come up in Facebook searches if it is not active over time.  Facebook and google, over time, will recognise the active one and reward that page with ranking and search results. 

 As more and more people look to Facebook for information, by not having a current Facebook page, when a business begins building a digital presence, customers and potential customers will become confused if the current branding and information is not there.  In addition, you cannot advertise a business on Facebook without a business page.  Unfortunately, many business owners, do not get the appropriate log ins for digital and social media profiles/listings and struggle to re-establish a revitalised brand.


Relevant Directories/Listings can include:

These are only starting points but at least provide the basics for businesses to commence their digital presence.  If you would like more information about digital advertising, Hall of Fame Marketing Bendigo can assist.


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