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Baby Boomers Don’t Think They Are Old – Don’t Talk to Them Like They Are

Not only are Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) being neglected, when they are targeted by marketers, they are spoken to as if they were their parents and not the active, successful and happy to spend group of potentially profitable consumers. Is your business missing out on this lucrative target market?

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Confused About SEM and How to Enhance Your Digital Presence?


Online marketers and businesspeople talk a lot about SEM, PPC, SEO and AdWords but these concepts often become confused. My clients continually ask for clarification. Not understanding these key concepts can lead to problems in choosing the online marketing best-next-steps for a business.  Here is an overview that helps put it all into perspective.

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OOH Digital – Steady Growth, Massive Opportunities

OOHdigitalLike many above the line/traditional marketing mediums, the coming of age of digital applied to traditional outdoor signage has seen advertising spend in this area steadily improving. In a recent article produced by Ad News, they quote Charmaine Moldrich, CEO of the Outdoor Media Association, “OOH Digital comprises 25.6% of OOH advertising, with the expectation that by 2020 it will account for 48.2%. Nielsen studies support the growth of OOH which has seen an increase in ad spend by 22.8% year on year, the strongest growth experienced by any traditional medium.

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Are You Grocery Shopping Online?

Commerce, computer, ecommerce.

Will you be grocery shopping online in 2016? Thirty-two percent of Australians who buy groceries on line do so as a time saver.

According to the recent Nielsen 2016 Global Connected Commerce Report, shoppers today no longer simply go to the nearest store; they grab the nearest digital device. The online retail ecosystem is fast evolving.

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Particular Privacy Issues Affecting Children and Young People

PrivacyPostFeb16Online consumers and direct marketing privacy issues

Personal information collected in the online environment is subject to the same laws as any other personal information. The internet is now an integral part of modern marketing techniques. Given their familiarity and high usage of the internet, and their significant consumer power, it is not surprising that this medium is used to target children and young people.

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Instructional Videos to Help Boost Search

BondVidShotIf you are a business that has a product or service that can help customers by showing them how to do something useful that is related to your product or service, an instructional video embedded on your website, hosted on YouTube and promoted on your social media channels can not only boost your credibility, but also in your Google search rankings.

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Apple Watch Vs Moto 360

If you are like me, you get excited by the latest technology and gadgets. Do we need another device to sinc, charge, monitor and maintain?  Probably not, but it is an exciting and fun time to be alive. 

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How does your marketing compare here and abroad?

How is your company spending marketing dollars in 2015?How Do Australian Businesses Compare Globally for Projected Marketing Spend in 2015?

 In a recent article by Michelle Herbison, she summarises results from Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing report whereby 5,000 marketers across the globe, including 252 Australians, were surveyed.

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Starter Kit For Setting Up a Digital Presence To Boost Google Search Rankings

In today’s world of digital, a whole new set of communication mediums has opened up to businesses to get their name out to their target markets.

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