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Did you take a technology break in the holidays?


Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had quality time with your family and loved ones and even had some time for yourself.  Are you recharged and are ready to face another year of challenges and successes?  It appears that like me, many of you not only took a holiday from work, but also your technology. 

In Nielsen’s December online review, research showed that on average, “Australians spend 35 hours online over 62 sessions; with nearly 37 billion minutes spent online with 27 billion pages viewed. Compared to November, the average consumer spent 2 hours less browsing and 2 less sessions over the Christmas period.”  That meant that there were still over 17.6 million Australians actively surfing on line, but what were they searching for and what was their engagement?  And according to Nielsen’s statistics below, the over 50’s demographic, often times the bosses and completely time poor, spent more time connected whilst the younger surfers took a bit of a break.

The top ten brands ranked in active reach as follows:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube
  4. MSN
  5. Microsoft
  6. eBay
  7. Wikipedia
  8. Apple
  9. Yahoo!7
  10. ABC Online Network

Age Breakdown of Online Audience

Percentage of Online Australians by age – 2 to 17 down 8.1%, 18 to 24 up 10.7%, aged 25-34 down 18.5%, 35-49 down 28.1%, 50+ up 34.6%.

Average page views by age – 2 to 17 down 259, 18 to 24 down 1184, aged 25-34 down 1605, 35-49 down 1745, 50+ up 1716.

 Average time on line per person by age – 2 to 17 down 8:31, 18 to 24 down 29:37 aged 25-34 down 36:21, 35-49 down 38:11, 50+ up 3,952. 

In addition, according to the Nielsen report, there was very little difference between the male and female breakdown of online activity in all age groups. What does this mean for marketers?  It may mean that whilst the quantity of searching may have been down, the quality was there.  There may have been less flicking quickly through pages whilst on public transport, on a break at work (or not) or surfing online during work hours (assuming a large portion of this time is not work related) and people were taking a real interest in what they were searching for.

The change in behaviour was only relatively small, but it does cause marketers and business owners to stop and think when and how we should target our online advertising and presence over the holiday period.  We want to be festive, offer value and entertain and not be too intrusive.  Monitoring your target audience and their behaviour is crucial to your advertising and marketing effectiveness.  From Hall of Fame Marketing Bendigo, may 2015 be a successful year for you all!



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