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Ten Most Influential Brands in Australia

The Ten Most Influential Brands In Australia

How brands are rated and how they influence our behaviour and interact with us has changed dramatically with the rise of social media and a range of communication technologies.  Brands not only entertain us, but they become part of our every day lives for those that we chose to let in.  Gone are the days where brands are rated purely on sales/profits/recall and a whole host of other measures that seem so archaic in today’s connected world.

 In the latest edition of Marketing Magazine Australia, I found a very interesting article based on a blog by Gillian O’Sullivan who is Managing Director of IPSOS Marketing. She has put together the measures of the most influential brands in Australia as well as the top ten in this country based on these measures.

 What are the dimensions of influence?

Leading Edge – Brands that are seen to be ahead of their time and innovative are often influential, as they shape consumer behavior and alter, or even create, markets.  They set the standard to which other brands aspire.

 Engagement – For a brand to be influential, people have to be engaged with it.  This means wanting to get to know it better, and letting others know about it.  Engaging brands inspire consumers to interact with them, to seek out more information about them, to support them online, and to share them with their own networks.

 Trust – Truly trustworthy brands inspire confidence, they are dependable.  They are consistent in how they perform and in what they represent. Brands with high levels of trust are influential, as they are more likely to be recommended to others and foster strong loyalty.

 Corporate Citizenship – Influential brands are brands that care.  They are environmentally and socially responsible and support their respective communities.  Ultimately, they have the potential to represent traits or characteristics to which consumers aspire.

 Presence – To have an impact and to have influence, people have to know who you are and what you stand for.  Brands that have high presence generally advertise a lot, are well-established, and are seen and used everywhere.

 What are the top ten influential brands?

 Yes I can count, there are 15, but it has been touted that using ‘Top Ten’ in blogs/articles on line are rewarded more highly in search engines.  Yes, a topic for another day.

 How influential is your brand to your target audience?  Whether it is your own business or where you work, you have a vested interest to ensure it succeeds to keep employed, and hopefully assisting in your chosen career path.

 More food for thought from Hall of Fame Marketing.  Until next time . . .



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