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Tips for Surviving Work/Client Christmas Parties

Survival Tips for Work/Client Christmas PartiesAre you scared of attending your own client or staff Christmas party?

 Yes, tis the season to be jolly.  And if you are like me, you have many social events to attend.  Those with family and friends, where you can let your hair down, and then those that are work related.  If you want tips on how to have fun and yet not offend any co-workers or clients, read on.



Dress inappropriately

Whilst you may work with many of your friends and you plan to go out after the official party is over, make sure to be aware of the dress code and follow that code.  If anything dress on the conservative side, and think of changing or unlayering after the main event.

Overindulge in alcoholic beverages

Your colleagues could be the coolest and your industry may be one that encourages entertaining but at the end of the day, people talk. If you drink and make a fool of yourself, be prepared to face the talk of shame. People who didn’t even see your antics will hear of it and the story will get more colourful as it’s passed around. Of course, there’s also the case of how drunk you get and how much of a pain you end up being. A bit of a slur and bad dancing will eventually be forgotten but doing anything offensive or inappropriate will not. And mindful that anything you do my end up on someone’s Facebook page or a viral YouTube video clip.

Pick Up a Co-worker

This is a tricky one. For singles, the office party may seem like the perfect opportunity to express your love to your office crush. Just remember this may go pear shaped and ruin your festive season.  It may also be against company policy, so make sure you are aware of what those policies are.  You may even open up yourself to sexual harassment charges, so be mindful.  Certainly a little innocent flirting could be fun and harmless.



As much as this could be a career-ending night for some, it is also a good occasion to make a positive impression on management. Get to know them and get them to know you.  Even getting to know the bosses’ spouses can be a good political move. If the opportunity arises on the night, or shortly after, thank management for hosting the party.  If you are attending client nights, ensure you thank them on the night.  And have fun, the year is nearly over and you can celebrate!

Make friends

You may be a social butterfly but do you really know the people you work with? This is your chance to talk to work mates you’d otherwise not have had the chance to talk to. You may just make a few friends for life.

Designated Minder/Driver

If you have a close friend at work that you can ask to keep a watchful eye on you, this can save you a lot of embarrassment.  Maybe they get you to drink some water, eat some food, go out and get some fresh air, go home, etc.   Ideally, you also have a plan on how to get home safely.  You may even want to suggest to management to have a car or bus service to ensure all staff members have a safe passage home.

 Whatever you do, be safe and have a Merry Christmas and Safe and Prosperous 2013.


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