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Visual Content Takes the Throne

Content makes your business shine over the Internet. Choice of words, correct grammar and uniqueness helps you expand your readership and grow a broad network of readers.

Read on for helpful hints on how you should curate your content on line.

Content relevant to your business and target audience also helps search engines find and reward you with organic rankings. This is especially true when you post/tweet teasers and links to your websites on social media channels.

Content originality must not be ignored. High quality, original content will help you to reach out to those people who want to gain knowledge.

Content in the form of the written word has been designated king for many years now, with visual content taking over as the key determinant in gaining the attention of our target audiences.

In our opinion, this new revelation is really an extension of businesses’ branding strategies.  Every word you publish and visual content you provide is now an extension of the corporate image of your business.  This includes any spokesperson for your business as well as their own digital social status and reputation.

Whilst there are a plethora of communication channels, the old rule still applies, you have 2-3 seconds to grab the attention of your target audience to take some form of action.   This can be in the form of clicking through to a website or page, liking a Facebook page, scanning a QR code, visiting a store, entering a competition, signing up for a newsletter, make a purchase or even just reading/viewing further.

And with consumers now using multi channels at the same time in the form of traditional (eg TV) with new media (eg mobile technology), there are more opportunities to connect with a very specific target audience.  In addition, there is scope for your target audience to spread the word for you with discussions started on a range of social media channels.

So, when you have all this great content as a business, when is the best time to post/tweet/share on social media? According to Leo Widrich of Buffer, who stated in early April this year:

So have a catchy visual to gain interest and compelling and engaging words to induce action.


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